The COVID-19 crisis has spotlighted the extraordinary leadership of women, highlighting the value of creating spaces where more women can develop their skills and create meaningful connections with peers. 

Ashoka and S&P Global Foundation recognize the difficulty of the new challenges this pandemic has created for women social entrepreneurs and we want to provide you with a learning journey and community that would support you in navigating through a world with COVID-19. 

Our partnership presents "Women Together for a Better Normal", a 3-month program comprised of a series of 1.5 hour weekly online sessions, designed to aid you in bouncing back from the effects of the pandemic. The program will have several aspects that would allow you to better understand the critical role women play in the society and seek to fulfill such role as a better leader. The sessions will include the following:

To learn and identify the primary systemic barriers and map potential solutions and interventions based on a study conducted among WSEs in ASEAN


To develop more WSEs who will lead organizations and communities with empathy 

To have a safe space and community that will bring diverse WSEs together to learn and empower each other throughout this crisi
To connect with other WSEs who could become lifelong co-leaders and mentors

To co-build the capacity of fellow WSEs towards the achievement of their visions and goals